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The CaringRoad Support Network will help you meet other family caregivers who understand and empathize with how difficult it is to sustain this important role.

You can base your search on the illness that you are dealing with, your relationship to the person that you are caring for or your geographical location. Based on the information you provide, this unique database will generate a list of other family caregivers in similar situations.

Caregiving is the most important and challenging job any of us will ever undertake. Most of us are thrust into the role with little or no preparation. In our efforts to educate ourselves about our loved one's medical condition and provide the care they need, we may sometimes feel overwhelmed and alone. CaringRoad Support Network was created to connect family caregivers seeking the support and friendship of other family caregivers in an online community.

Now friendship and support are just a click away!
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* The CaringRoad Support Network is a free resource. Your information is private and will not be used for mailing lists, sold or rented to third parties.
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