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What is CaringRoad.com?

Caringroad.com is a Web site to help caregivers prepare for what lies ahead, recognizing their options in a timely way so they can find support, locate needed services and make informed decisions about the care of their loved ones.

You don't need a password to enter the site, everything is free and you will not be put on any mailing lists. We invite you to make use of our resources and welcome your suggestions for ideas to improve the site. See Contact Us.

Our resources include:

CaringRoad Main Menu: Provides information on a wide range of caregiver issues, including everything from coping with end-of-life medical issues to dealing with the stress and isolation many caregivers struggle with everyday.

CaringRoad Support Network: Free access to a database which connects caregivers seeking the support and friendship of other caregivers online. See CaringRoad Support Network.

What inspired the creation of this CaringRoad.com?

I lost my father in February of 1999. We were unable to diagnose his illness, so throughout his decline over several years, we did not know what we were dealing with. We did not know which support group to join and we did not know what to expect. The experience of traversing uncharted territory during such a difficult time heightened my family's awareness of the importance of being able to share information and seek support from others.

Karen Mintz and her Father Ira Mintz

Why is this site so important?

When it comes to dealing with uncertainty and planning for the future, we spend more deciding what stock to buy than how we will deal with an end-of-life issue when it happens. Nobody wants to think about illness, death and dying. Even when we have to deal with it, many of us put off discussing how we would handle choices we might have to make. As a result, it's not hard to find yourself forced to live with a care-related decision that was made under stress and without enough information. The reality is that these are some of the most important decisions we'll ever make; yet frequently we make them under the worst of circumstances with little or no chance to prepare and learn about the consequences of our choices.

For example:

When my father became incapacitated, we had to feed him. Sometimes he'd start choking because the muscles that enabled him to swallow properly were weakening. We waited quite a while to get a Do Not Resuscitate order. I had no idea that when you call 911, the team of medics is obligated to try to save that life. So if you call them, you cannot ask them to stop in the middle of a procedure if you feel you'd rather just let your loved one go. Without a DNR, my father could have ended up on a ventilator - an issue we hadn't even discussed a family.

Who are we?

Karen Mintz, Founder and Site Administrator

With a 12-year background in media communications, Ms. Mintz has worked as a writer, producer and editor of documentaries, educational programs and commercials. The recipient of Emmy Awards in 1996 and 2001 from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, her work was nominated for four additional Emmy Awards in 1997, 1998 and 1999. She was also the recipient of a Parents Choice Award and a Telly Award in 1999.

Dr. Daniel Tobin, Site Advisor

Acting in an advisory capacity, Dr. Tobin will help guide CaringRoad.com towards fulfilling its short and long term goals. Dr. Tobin piloted the FairCare program for peaceful dying at the V.A. Hospital in Albany, New York. He is the author of Peaceful Dying - A step-by-step guide to preserving your dignity, your choice, and your inner peace at the end of life. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for Partnership for Caring: America's Voices for the Dying - a national non-profit organization devoted to raising consumer expectations and increasing demand for excellent care at the end of life.

Contact Us

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please write and let us know if the site has been helpful to you! You can reach us at here or call (609) 397-3210. We'd love to hear from you!

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