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The CaringRoad Support Network connects caregivers seeking the support and friendship of other caregivers in an online community.


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CaringRoad Support Network connects caregivers seeking the support and friendship of other caregivers online.

What is the purpose of the CaringRoad Support Network?

The CaringRoad Support Network is designed to help caregivers deal with the stress and isolation they struggle with everyday. Long-term home care means round-the-clock attention; it's not always possible to leave home and participate in a support group. Through the CR Support Network, you will meet other caregivers who understand and empathize with how difficult it is to sustain this role. After a difficult day and night of providing care for a loved one, you can draw strength and comfort from the relationships your form with other caregivers you meet online.

What do you mean by similar situations?

While as caregivers, we all share some similar issues, every situation is marked by it's own unique challenges. In addition to dealing with different kinds of illnesses, our relationship to the person we're caring for creates specific kinds of concerns. For example, caring for a parent or spouse requires a different set of coping skills than caring for a child.

For example: If you are a 65 year old woman caring for your husband with Alzheimer's Disease and you want to find another woman in your age group dealing with the same situation - now you can find her. If you are a father caring for your son who has leukemia and you want to connect with another parent caring for a child of the same age - now you can find him or her.

How does it work?

Caregivers register the illness they're dealing with, their relationship to the person they're caring for, geographical location and more specific information if desired. Based on the information you provide, this unique database will generate a list of other caregivers in similar situations.

What about my privacy?

We are committed to safeguarding your privacy online. While your email address will be available for other caregivers searching the network, it will not be used for mailing lists or sold or rented to third parties.

You may direct questions or comments about this site to here.

This Web site and it's contents are copyrighted by which hereby restricts the database's use to private individuals only. Any other use is restricted and unauthorized and may be in violation of US Copyright law. This database is not for commercial use; commercial users are not to access this database. Please show respect for those who have unselfishly offered their assistance.

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