50 x 3

The cube root of 50 is approximately 5.196. This can be rounded to the nearest hundredth, which would be 5.20. To find the cube root of a number, we can use a calculator or math software like MATLAB. For this example, we’ll use desmos.com/calculator to show how it’s done:

Step 1: Type in the number you want to find the cube root of (in this case, 50). Press Enter on your keyboard.
Step 2: Type “cube root” into the search bar on the left side of the screen and press Enter. The symbol for cube root is ‘3√’, so you should see this appear next to your.

Here’s how to approximate the cube root of 50 by hand:

First, write down the number you want to find the cube root of, and choose a close guess for what the answer might be. For example, since 50 is between 30 and 60, we’ll try 7 as our guess for the cube root of 50. (This is called an “initial approximation.”)